• Praful Padhiyar, Mumbai, Interior Designer and Consultant

Interview with Praful Padhiyar , Interior Desinger and Consultant

How did you start your career as Interior Designer ?
I did a course in Interior Designer at Mumbai Academy in Dadar, Mumbai. After this I started working Independently, got some opportunity in Malad, Mumbai area. These were residential projects 1 BHK 2 BHK (Bedroom Hall Kitchen). Later started working for a company named Bhadrecha Construction. For this company most of the work I have done is in to Commercial Projects. In addition I do take freelance/contracts of my own, these are usually Residential projects and smaller offices.

Before some Home owner hires a Architect or Contractor or Interior Designer, what thing he should check?
If you know someone personally then that is the best way to go ahead. However if you don’t have strong reference for person you want to hire, in such cases – Try to get details of some of the recent and relevant projects he has done. If possible check out one of his site. This will give you much better picture.

What are some of the common challenges faced in Industry?
Come of the common problems we face is related to coordination between people. Sometimes Clients have urgency and you don’t have skilled people to execute projects in expected time. You have to make sure workforce/labour/skilled people are in sync and stay available to finish work on time.

There are few occasions when work gets halted because Suppliers didn’t deliver material on time.

Commercial projects always have fixed timeline and they expect you to complete work on time. Whereas residential projects are not that strict on timelines. Residential project you deal with individuals and it is easy to explain them situation. Commercial projects are big ticket items and they want you to stick to project plan.

Can you please describe some of your recent 2 – 3 projects?
Most of my recent projects were commercial contracts. Like I did one project for Tata Motors showroom in MIDC, Andheri . One for Kingfhser Training Academy in Chakala, Andheri.  In Lokhandwala I did work for Big Fm’s office. All these projects I did were under position of Product Manager.

One of the recent big project was at Toyo Engineering in Kanjurmarg, Mumbai.

Share some piece of advice for Aspirant or beginners in field of Interior or Construction Industry?
face situations up front, don’t run away from situation. not every thing will be on time and as planned. Keep courage to manage situation.

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