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A usual 1 or 2 bedroom hall kitchen (1 BHK or 2 BHK) flat in any metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune or any other prime cities consists of four main areas bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, hall.

Lets consider a scenario where you are an owner of an 1BHK house and this house has approximately area of 500 square feet. You are looking forward to renovate your house and want to have all basic amenities. You are not dreaming of costly luxurious furnishing. In such situation you should expect home renovation cost of roughly 500 rupees per square feet.

1 Sq. ft. = 500 750 rupees

500 sq. ft = 2.53.75 lakhs

At the cost of 2.53.75 lakhs you can renovate whole 1 bedroom Hall kitchen house.  This will include all necessary items for regular lifestyle. Just to give an idea at this expense some of things you will get in your house are as followings:

Bedroom will include Bed, side table, dressing table and a small wardrobe closet.

Kitchen will get I or L type platform with a good planning for placing Fridge, Sink, Oven, Exhaust Fan

[appliance not included in cost estimate]. Good Flooring . Windows with Aluminum sliding window and granite top.

Hall gets TV showcase, good flooring, sofa com bed & two chairs.

Overall this looks like a good home renovation plan. So by spending approximately 2.53.75 Lakhs on complete home renovation you will get good value.

The approximate cost mentioned here [500750 rupees per Sq. ft.] is to get a quick idea and  should be used as reference. This figure is for planning purpose. When you actually start working with a Contractor you will know the exact cost. A good Contractor will give you suggestions about what to avoid and what to opt to keep your home renovation economic.

We also explained rough Estimate for Home Renovation in a Deluxe way. This is for typical house or flat in metro cities of India like Mumbai, Pune etc