UPDATE: Iā€™m happy to let you know that we are offering "3D Interior Design Service" all across India. Affordbale Service which will Enable you to control Time & Money. Validate all your Renovation Ideas before you start Spending Money šŸ‘

It depends a lot on requirement and situation of Home. For example, a Home Owner might decide to get POP ( Plaster of Paris) instead of normal Ceiling. Aluminum Window inside home could be simple of Painted with Powder Coated & Anodized Surfaces. So there is always more then one way of doing things. Hence Cost varies depending upon the way you decide to renovate. Ceramic Tiles or Vitrified Tiles. Vitrified Tiles come in different size 2′ by 2′ , they also come in meter by meter. Granite come in different range.

However if one has to make a guess work in city like Pune. Then keeping Items like Bathroom and kitchen apart, rest of the items can take 300-450 rupees per sq ft. This is Economic range we are talking about. Kitchen and bathroom always increase the average cost per square feet.

Same thing if we count for Mumbai, square feet cost for economic goes 400-500 rupees.

Hence these are just approximate cost per sq feet for a very basic economic plan. Things change as we choose materials and designs. talk to your contractor or Interior Designer for exact details and estimates.