UPDATE: Iā€™m happy to let you know that we are offering "3D Interior Design Service" all across India. Affordbale Service which will Enable you to control Time & Money. Validate all your Renovation Ideas before you start Spending Money šŸ‘

Home owners have lot of thoughts and concerns when they start thinking about Home Renovation. Of all the biggest one is “How much will it Cost?

Frankly, there is no easy way to know exact numbers until you show your place to Contractor or Interior Designer, who works out a plan and then starts making Estimate.

It depends on the requirement and options Home Owners select. There is more then one way to do certain thing. Choose POP on wall; create False ceiling; Plane corners of POP; Flooring can be done in several style. How many Electric points are needed in all. In kitchen same idea applies for platform , Tiles; Bathroom you select items of different price range, some of these are commode seats, taps , cocks; In bedroom again Flooring and Ceiling.

Also read previous post where we explained that approximate cost could be Rs 500 per sft in Economic Home Renovation and then same thing if done in Deluxe way would cost Rs 1000 per sft.

These prices are for city like Mumbai but any other city Pune Bangalore Delhi Chennai etc would fall somewhere near same price. Only thing that differs is labour cost. Cost of Building material mostly stays within small range.