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Wardrobe Designs anyone? Mumbai Pune Delhi Bangalore?

One of the ContractorBhai.com reader from Pune asked us for suggestion on “Wardrobe Designs Bedroom Pune” Here’s what we suggested. These points very well apply for any city in India Mumbai Chennai Bangalore Delhi etc

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Until few years back people used Iron wardrobes. Remember those Giant Godrej Storewell wardrobe. I still know people  who buy it, but not many. Trend is more towards Wooden Wardrobes. For valuables you can have small safe (Tijori) inside.

Incase you are planning to get a wardrobe, there are two ways of doing it. Let the person doing Interior Design come up with Design and suggestions. Let him work with Carpenter in his team. But this usually happens only if you were renovating home, i.e doing more then wardrobe.

In other cases where only thing that you need is wardrobe, it is not a bad idea to call a Carpenter directly. Let him draw something for you on paper and suggest a plan. If your friend/family/neighbor has one wardrobe which looks interesting, ask appointed Carpenter to visit the place and check the design. Carpenters do this all the time, you will surprised how well a skilled Carpenter plans your wardrobe or any piece of furniture.

When is it necessary to involve Interior Designer ?

There is no right answer to question. Lot depends on budget and situation. If you were doing furniture for whole home and some extra money here and there is not an issue for you, then in that case have a Interior Designer in between. A good Designer will have much better wholistic approach. He will use his experience to plan things in more organised manner. In most cases Interior Designer will offer more value for money you spend.

Anyways, once you have a Carpenter starting work, one of the main materials that will come your home is: Plywood could be Laminated Plywood or Veneer Plywood. Laminate Plywood is less costly, Veneer Plywood will cost you more. See what fits your budget.

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