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Damn! ContractorBhai.com is 4 months old

So How are we doing?

Not bad!

Check the graph of people who have been visiting us. It is very encouraging. Its been 4 months we launched. Last month( April 2012) more then 3000 people visited us.
ContractorBhai.com - Home Renovation company for Mumbai and Pune

Looking at statistics and sample data, most of the people who visited us were people who were looking for information related to Home Renovation.

Here are top 10 things we want to do for sure on ContractorBhai.com

1) Anyone who visits website should find some useful information.
2) Anyone who writes email or message to us, should get complete answer to query
3) Anyone who fills form for Free Estimate, must get helped.
4) Anyone who asks us to refer Contractor/Architect/Interior Designer will get best contacts.
5) We do not want to focus on selling service, instead we want to focus on interest of home owners
6) We want to promise little and outperform our promise. Honor what we say.
7) We want to focus on Quality. Stay small and lean.
8.) Keep away from corporate bullshit but at the sametime provide high quality customer experience.
9) Respect others. Stay open to criticisms
10) Have fun!

Thank you to all Home Owners who got in touch with us in last 4 months! Irrespective of whether you have given business or not, you have helped me and this project in growing stronger.

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About the Author:

Hi! This is Nitin, founder of ContractorBhai.com. We provide Affordable 3D Interior Design Service

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  1. Pratibha Kanitkar 20 January 2014 at 5:36 pm - Reply

    Hello Nitin,

    I have been scouting for renovating contractors for a while and came across ContractBhai . It is refreshing to know that your approach to the whole idea of working with a client is more on a personal level, taking into consideration what most contractors would avoid in order to make a fast buck, since we as clients would be clueless as to what to expect and where to start and the pitfalls involved ! I hope i get the opportunity to work with you at some point.

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