• Interview with - Shivananda Prabhu - Commercial Electrical Contractor, Mumbai

Interview with Shivananda Prabhu, Commercial Electrical Contractor

Tell us about yourself?

I am working as Electrical Contractor for last 6 years. I undertake projects of all kinds – Residential, Commercial, Data Centers. I have doen work for various Industries, Pharmacuetical, etc.

I started my career with ACC. Did many big projects including couple of Data centers for Microsoft . We also did training center for same in Nagpur, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Karnataka, Gulbarga and Dharwad.

How many members are there in your team?

There are 14 members in our team.7 of them are engineers, 4 are supervisors, 2 are Draftsman, Estimation.

In last twenty years what kind of changes have you seen in Electrical field?

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Lot of things have changed. Lot of innovation has happened. Size of the devices were huge previously, now things are compact. Things are cheaper and more accessible. Lot of smart technology is coming to India too. Like Automation control. Console are more robust and advance – seating at one place, you can control whole Plant or Place. Devices and electrical items look more neat and clean. Safety is given heavy importance.

What are your views about use of LED light?

LEDs are very compact and small. They are highly efficient. LED bulbs are grouped in clusters with diffuser lenses to use inside resdential project.

LED might seem costlier then your CFLS, but over its lifetime it become more value or money thing and they last longer.

How are the rates for the projects you do?

When we Electrical project for big builders – we charge per square feet. Depending upon quality material used Rates change.

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