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Interview with Surendra Bharvada, Carpenter in Pune

Tell us about yourself?

I am working for last 15 years in Pune as Carpenter. Started my career as Carpenter with Job for a company named Kohinoor Interior Private Limited, Pirangut, Pune. In first 2 years I learned about making all kinds of furniture. This company use to take contracts for companies like Kirloskar, Tata Honeywell, Whirlpool and many such big companies. So in Early years I did lot of work for big companies.

After 5 years, I started getting small and big independent Contracts for making furniture. So I decided to go Independent. I have made furniture for many Homes and commercial places in Pune.

So what kind of work you have done in recent years?

I have team of 10 people – they work on and off with me. Depending upon how big is the requirement, I add people to my team. There are times when I am working by myself. Sometimes if work is more, I bring more team members. Most of the Carpentry work I have done is in Pune.

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I do lot of work for Architect Mr Rahul Mutha, one of the leading and well known Architects and Interior Designers company in Pune. I have done work for many Home Owners in Pune and many have been calling even after years if there is new work. I have worked for Dr. Kalyan Gangwal & Dr. Paritosh Gangwal.

What do you think about Material changes that has occurred in last 10-15 years?

Hardware has changed a-lot. Now there so many varieties and options in Hardware. On the other hand Plywood and other wood material has pretty much stayed same. GreensPly is still everyone’s favorite.

Surendra & team did furniture work at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune

Surendra & team did furniture work at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune

If some Home Owner has to decide between buying “Readymade furniture in Pune” or “Find carpenter in Pune” to make furniture. What would suggest?

Readymade furniture in Pune or any place in India – is always cheaper then making furniture at home. Most of the low cost furniture you buy in Malls and big shops use Particle Board. When yo use Particle Board you simply have to cut and use it. You can even bend it. There is no need to polish or apply any laminate ply etc.

When you make furniture at home, you buy good material – ply laminate veneer – there are multiple steps in which you make furniture. It lasts longer and looks good.

Readymade furniture will get spoiled if water touches it. If you move readymade furniture 2 – 3 times, it looses all strength. If you want something to stay long – you need to make furniture in front of your eyes.

Why does making furniture cost as much as it does?

Hardware accessories and fittings are costly. Ply is not cheap either. Skilled labour is next challenge. It’s not easy to find good skilled people.

15 years back when I started my career, I was getting Rs.30 per day. Today if I bring in some Carpenter in team he asks for Rs. 400 – Rs 500 per day. We have to buy same costly food and daily needs as you have to.

What about Designs – Wardrobe Designs etc. ?

i understand requirements, take measurements and do markings. I make drawing on Paper. If required, I come up with detailed designs. Most of the time I am able to explain design before I start work and find Home Owners comfortable with it.

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