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How to make your home Eco Friendly

We had a client who was in Gulf from 20yrs. They had habit to stay in A.C all the time. Their new bungalow in Pune was our project. Their requirement was max ventilation. Looking at the electricity cost in India we had to come up with more creative alternatives. Solar tube and Generator are also costly affair. Our aim was that the client should get maximum ventilation even in summer.


The physics behind the climatology is hot air rises up and goes out through the ventilation and fresh air comes from down. This is the basic function and even A.C works the same way.The old houses in villages have this type of ventilation. When this process starts air system is created and then we dont need A.C


How much light you should take and from where ?
There are techniques behind it. for example – If the room is of 10 sq.ft by 10 sq.ft and for light if we take
cross ventilation, it is more effective. In Cross ventilation you have to take 1 big window and the other should be small. The big window is in east from where sun rises and the height is double compared to the 2nd.The intensity of light which comes from this side is very fast. We take care of these things.

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