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Wall Tiles, Flooring Tiles & Home Renovation in India

There are wall tiles,floor tiles,elevation tiles and tiles used in parking area which are checkered floor tile, block tiles, paver floor tiles & cobalt tiles.

Wall tiles can be fixed on kitchen platform, bathroom, passage, toilet & above or near the basin. These tiles comes in different sizes. Their size is mentioned in inches.

Wall Tiles:- 08-12

Floor Tiles:- 12-12

In flooring there are two types of tiles: Ceramic tiles & vitrified tiles.

Vitrified tiles always come in bigger sizes.24-24,32-32 and 1m-1m . Ceramic tiles come in smaller size. Branded tiles like Johnson & Johnson, Somany Ceramics, Kazaria Ceramics & Asian Tiles are very good & preferred by all Indian Home Owners.

Also check Kajaria page with products recommended by team here

Difference between Vitrified tile & Ceramic tile

Ceramic tile is fired & there is glaze over it. In vitrified tile the base material that is sand is different. Upper surface is polished as we polish marble & kota.

On ceramic tile the layer of depth is of 1mm while the depth for vitrified tile is 6-7mm. In vitrified tile specific colours like blue, yellow or brown they are made of one material(full body)


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