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Kitchen Sinks used in Indian Home Renovation

Indian Home Owners use steel sinks in their kitchen. But nowadays sinks are available in stone finish sink, acrylic & many home owners make sink of granite or marble.

There are branded sinks like Diamond, Anupam, Nirali, Jina. They are made of steel authority India Selam (Selam Steel). The steel used to make these sinks is of top quality, ASI30418/gasion grade steel of Steel Authority Of India. It is the top most, branded & of good quality. The price starts from Rs. 2500 can go up to Rs. 28,000 or say Rs 30,000. Price changes with size & shape you choose.

Also checkout Nirali Sink page with product recommended by team here.

In Acrylic sink there is limited number of options in terms of size & colours. Prices starts from Rs. 5000 goes up to Rs. 14,000. Ceramic sinks are not highly preferred in Indian Homes. Price of these start at Rs. 2000 goes up to Rs. 3000

Mostly People prefer to use steel sinks.

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