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First of all stop calling it Fall Ceiling – it is really False ceiling. The ceiling which you always have is True Ceiling & then when you add layer of POP or Gypsum – you create or get “False Ceiling”

A false Ceiling adds lot of value to look & feel of your home. It allows arrangement for direct light & indirect light.

Lights can also fixed in to your true ceiling – lets say you want to fix 4 light points in your true ceiling – but some part of fixture ( Patti – wire-plate) will be visible. However if you have false ceiling it completely transforms the look by concealing all this. All wires are hidden . Usually a good layout for Lighting recommended to have a false ceiling in such a way that you get 40% indirect light. You have to evaluate if Cost of false ceiling fits your budget.

Regarding designs – there are so many good patterns that you can use to give modern or contemporary look to your home.

Checkout below video I made few weeks back – which explains why False ceiling can help you save energy & make your Air Conditioning more Effective.