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How not to Renovate Home for Indian Home Owners

Lets assume you are one of the Indian Home Owner who is planning to t renovate your Home. I know what probably you are going to do

Step 1) Search for Contractors

Option 1) you already know some Contractor
Option 2) you will start talking to your friends & Colleages
Option 3) you will jump to justdials & quickrs of the worlds to find contractors

Step 2) You will start asking for Estimate

You will invite one or more Contractors to your home. Explain him all the problems & requirements. Contractor will take measurements & provide you Estimate.

Step 3) Selection of Contractor

You will judge Contractor by his Estimate. Cheaper the Estimate more attractive it looks.

Step 4) Visit Site or see pictures

Step 5) Negotiation

You will negotiate on the estimate. You will ask for x percent discount. Contractor will eventually agree to give x – y discount.

Deal is done!
You give contract!

Once Contractor starts the project – you will start micro managing things. You will ask lot of questions. Contractor will explain what is needed. During execution you will change your mind – you will change the plan. You will also buy Tiles or Shower heads which exceeds your budget. Probably there will also be some minor re-do of things. You first wanted to place your fridge in one corner, but now you think Washing Machine should go there.

Meanwhile, you realise you have exceeded budget & time that was pre-decided.

What the Hell!?

And who is to be blamed for this mismanagement – no one else but Contractor.
Why ?
Because you are Home Owner – you are paying for it. You are the Boss! And boss is always right!

Between, you also realise that you had tight budget to start with. Now towards the end of the project, you do not have sufficient funds to complete the project. You delay the payments. That eventually delays the work further. Contractor, if a good one, might leverage for a while & give you credit on labour charges, but ofcourse he is not goign to buy any building material form his pocket.

You again start finding some faults in Contractor. You start realising the you have overdone the renovation work.

What a mess the situation is !

A good Contractor has gone through this situation 100s of times, he tried his level best to control change requests, budget, time – but there is limit to what he can do.

Contractor tries to drive the project in best manner and completes the work. Ofcoure now you have way better looking bathroom or kitchen but an average looking bedroom. You see the budget didn’t get used properly. You wanted those costlier tiles.

Anyways, you have spend Lakhs of rupees. You are left with minor heartburn. You have a home which is not as were what you expected in beginning. However now you will continue to live in it for years to come.

[Now some Selling Pitch..please]

We work with best of Contractors. I know them personally. They are so good that I would hire them personally to renovate or repair my home. They are excellent in their work. But they still face such issues. We studied such pain points and made a list of it. Then we started asking these Contractors questions like –
what could have made things easy ?
What could have given better result ?
What could have helped spend money efficiently ?

using such feedback we have started “ContractorBhai 3D Design Service

Our Home Interior Design service does 3 things at a very high level:

1) understands requirements

– how you want your hoem to look
– how you want use space inside home
– how much do you want to spend

2) technical drawings

– a clear road map
– a complete engineering of all work that will happen in your house
– layout, colour scheme, flooring layout (tiles & marble granite placing), false ceiling layout, electric layout – with legend ( switchboard details), elevation – TV unit, Bed head board, wardrobe elevation, detail drawing (kitchen, wardrobe, bed, tv unit)

3) Estimates & BOQ

– detailed & itemised estimate that helps you compare & hire contractor
– a detail list of all the material that you or your contractor will buy for your home

We charge Rs 10,000 and this will help you spend every single rupee on your renovation more efficiently.

If you are someone who wants to have solid plan of action for your Home Renovation then this service is for you.

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About the Author:

Hi! This is Nitin, founder of ContractorBhai.com. We provide Affordable 3D Interior Design Service


  1. SANJAY SHAH 10 May 2013 at 2:05 pm - Reply


    • contractorbhai 20 May 2013 at 1:52 pm - Reply

      Sir If you would hire Interior Designer or Architect – they would charge you 8 to 10% of complete budget in fees. This service is affordable when you compare such high fees. Secondly I have seen many Home Owners who due to poor planning make costly mistakes in their renovation. This fees pays for itself when you get your home designed 7 renovated without any such problems. Having said that, we are trying to optimise things on our end & would love to bring down our fees in future. Thank you for your interest!

  2. Rajeshwari 22 May 2014 at 12:32 pm - Reply

    I am based in Pune and find your site very helpful and would contact you in the month of June when the property becomes ours. It is a small row-house and I would like to maximise the space within, with some modifications. I have lots of ideas but would need an expert to tell me the feasibility. Would require a good contractor with a professional approach.

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