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A real person, a lot like you

UPDATE: Iā€™m happy to let you know that we are offering "3D Interior Design Service" all across India. Affordbale Service which will Enable you to control Time & Money. Validate all your Renovation Ideas before you start Spending Money šŸ‘

I am 32 year-old, founder of ContractorBhai . Husband, father of twin girls. Computer Engineer by qualification. Software geek at heart. All my life, I have developed Software for Big Banks & IT companies.

At ContratorBhai, I have a Unique Goal. I want to change how Indian Home owners renovate their Homes. Every other month, I come up with new feature on my website or a new service offering which can make life easy for some home Owner who is renovating his place.

I have been talking to Home owners(Email & Phone) right from Himachal Pradesh to Kerala . It is very satisfying to see how so many people, from all across country are taking benefit of your work.

India is flourishing will all soughts of Internet based services. Big ones are going IPO. Many are burning investors money. They say out of every 1000 company 990 will Fail & shut down. No one really knows who will survive next year & who will become next mainstream brand.

I have a request to all Indian Internet Users who would some day give business to some Internet based services.

Always remember – “There is a real person sitting on the other side” is thriving to make life easy for Indian Home Owners. My company is not perfect but it is implementing corrections every moment to move forward.

Please watch this video, it might change your internet personality for good.

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Hi! This is Nitin, founder of we are bunch of Home Interior Design Enthusiast. Write to Mumbai +91-9920620009 | Bengaluru +91-9619581413 | Pune +91-8180099423 | Delhi-NCR +91-9930930964

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