• What is Marble Flooring

What is Marble Flooring ?

Marble is a natural stone. It comes in variety of looks & quality. We want to bring natural good things inside our home. Marble comes in various colours. It can be natural marble or cultured marble ( solid surface) .

A Block of Marble removed from mines, are cut in to sheets/piece. These sheets are later used for flooring. Marble can be Indian ( from mines in India ) or it can be Italian ( imported ) .

At the end of they day, marble is a stone. So it is long lasting. No vitrified or artificial stone can beat it in longevity. My (Nitin, founder of ContractorBhai) home in Mumbai has marble & this flooring was done 27 years back. It still looks good, it looks white & neat. Although there is no need to polish it, but one hand of polish will again bring back shine. it can make it look like it was 27 years back. Marble just stays. Not like vitrified tiles. i renovated home, few years back, but flooring was not touched. We just got one hand of polish & it was like fresh new marble floor.

Marble gets hot & cold fast. if there is direct sunlight, it will become hot in minutes. Same way in night, it will loose all heat in no time & become cold. A room which doesn’t get much sunlight, it will stay cold.

So elders at home, if they have pain & ache problem due to Cold marble floor, then you have to rethink about Marble floor. It is more of a psychology problem – people think that because of cold floor you get feet/bone pain. In such cases you have to wear slippers indoor or lay a carpet.

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Marble come in different colours – pink, white, green, grey. Various designs. Varying range.

If budget is not a constrain then Italian Marble is good option to choose. A good quality Italian Marble Range usually starts at 450 rupees per sq. ft.

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