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Types of Marble Flooring

Indian White marble like Adanga, Albeto (is good compared to Adanga) Some people like green colour so they use green marble, some use pink. Finally it depends upon your choice of colour. Kutni, a place in Madhya Pradesh from where you get light yellowish marble (lemon colour). You can put marble in slab form or cut it in to pieces. Common sizes in Cut piece are:

1 ft* 1 ft
1.5 ft* 1.5 ft
1.5 ft* 2 ft
2 ft* 2 ft
3 ft* 2 ft
4 ft* 2 ft

You can take slab which is from one stone block and has no variation or difference in colour. Cut piece are from small different stones or blocks, so there is little difference in figure and colour. You can get 1000 pieces in it as you have selected slab and not cut piece. Slab is little costly than cut piece. In luxury projects, Italian marble is used for flooring.[info]

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