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(This article is contributed by one of Interior Designer)
I was in Pune at my friends place few days back where I met few carpenters as my friend wanted to get a wardrobe (7’x7’size ) made. This is because I wanted to get a better deal for my friend. I met carpenters who gave me different estimates. One of them was expensive who quoted me 70,000/- 75,000/- and the other quoted me 50,000/- – 55,000/-, which was quite low-cost. My friend was confused for why the estimate for the same thing differed. And this is what I had to say, which applies not only in Pune but Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and other places too.

The cost difference for making the same furniture (wardrobe here) is because-

The quality of plywood used by each would be different. There are different types of ply wood available, viz. industrial ply, commercial ply, marine ply, etc.

The thickness of the plywood used would also differ.

There are branded plywood like kit ply, century ply, etc. available in market. But the quality of ply of each brand too differs. These days you have local brand plywood available in market that is not very expensive, accepted and used as compared to the branded plywood. But it’s always better to get furniture made of good quality wood and of required thickness. If you compromise on quality, then you will not have good quality and finished product and,

The edges may chip easily

The drawer’s movement will not be smooth

The product will last only for few years.

Once you finalise with a carpenter, it good to keep a check on quality and thickness of the plywood that he uses is same as discussed.
My advice is that, spend few more hundreds on buying quality material and get the best product in house.

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