Marbles of India

Marble in India come in different colours and thickness which are used for various purposes. Marbles are used for commercial, residential, interior, exterior, counter-tops, flooring and other areas too.

Marbles are available in wide range of colours like- White Marble, Pink marble, Plain Green Marble, Green Marble, Golden Marble, Dungri Marble, Kumari Marble, Kalyan Marble, Katni Marble, Bidasar Marble, Onyx Marble, Albeta Marble and many more. Many a times people name marble as per origin place and colour of the marble. For e.g. orange colour marble, chocolate colour marble, etc.

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You have white marble named after the place it’s sold namely, Makrana white marble and Udaipur White marble. You have other imported marbles named according to its location like Italian Carrara marble, Greece Skyros marble, European marble, etc.
This way marble get their names.

Where in India do I get to see these Marbles?

In India there are two very famous market in Rajasthan i.e Makrana and Udaipur. In India these marbles are sold according to its location. These places are very much famous for White Marble.

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