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Tips on buying Bathroom Accessories – Product Review

Here is what a Retailer shared with us when we asked the same- Tiles add to the beauty of bathroom, but having right accessories to bathroom adds style and complete the look of bathroom.

Main Accessories – The main accessories that every bathroom shall have are Soap Dish, Toothbrush Holder, Towel Rack, Napkin Hanger, Mirror, etc. There are different kind of mirrors to choose from depending on shaving patterns.-
(i) 3X mirror for those who shave on daily basis and for better and close look,
(ii) 2-way mirror where on one side is your normal mirror and when flipped , other side has a 2X mirror.

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For towels, you can have towel rod -where you hang towels or Towel rack – where you fold and keep towels. Ideally if a bathroom is shared bu not more then 2, towel rod serves as best option otherwise towel rack serves as a good option.

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There are other additional accessories and styles available in market, but having them depends of home owners budget and requirement.

Other Accessories – Other Accessories like Soap dispenser, Shower curtain, Waste basket, lotion dispensers and tissue box covers etc. that add style to your bathroom. You can increase the look of your bathroom by matching the colours and style of accessories to towels, curtains and rugs.

Material – These bathroom accessories are either made of Stainless Steel or Brass which are given Stainless steel coating. But its advisable to always choose for brass made accessories as they are non rustive and therefore last longer then stainless steel ones.

Brands – There are popular band like Perk, Eagle, Jaguar, etc. to choose from that best suit you bathroom interiors.

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