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  • Stanley Door Closers - product review

Stanley Door Closers – Product Review

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Door closer is a mechanical device that closes the door without anyone pushing it or closing the door. Traditionally Door Closers were a big device that attached on top of the door. These devices were attached from inside of the room and were quite visible. Door closers are attaches to the door with and angle to the door frame. These devices are popularly

But you have these Concealed door closer that are preferred by home-owners and offices now a days. The main device/mechanism for concealed door closers gets is concealed/hidden in the wooden door thickness on top. This device has 2 arms. One arm gets concealed in door frame on tops and other in door. There is an angle that is fitted to the 2 arms. So, when the door opens, only this angle is seen, the entire device is hidden.

Stanely Door Closer is among the most popular U.S made door closer. India too has such compact door closer mostly used in offices and at homes.

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