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Bathroom & Kitchen Drainage Choked

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Drain choke is a troublesome problem to deal with, especially when you need a plumber to rectify it. This type of problem is very common and can be cause in any pipe that carries waste like kitchen sinks, bathroom drains, toilet bowl drains, etc.

Let’s see what cause a choke/blockage individually. Most commonly drain choke is observed in Kitchen sink and bathroom drain areas.

Kitchen Sink – Kitchen sink usually gets chocked cause food wastage or matchstick entering the pipe.

Bathroom Drain – In bathrooms, the drain usually gets chocked because of the accumulation of hairballs, accumulation of soap layer/skin or other related fragments.

Toilet Bowl choke – Usually toilets or toilet bowl don’t easily choke. Very rarely you face this problem that to while trying to flush excess amount of waste down the toilet in one go.

Home Remedies

Usually few home remedies prove to be quite effective and useful if there’s no major blockage in the drain pipes.

  1. Sometimes using a plunger can remove the drain choke quite effectively. This is used to apply pressure to the choke to remove it or free it.
  2. Using a home-made device out of wire by unwinding it and strengthening it. This can be used to either remove/free choke or to grab hold of it and pull it up.
  3. The most easy ingredient available in market is DrainIt or Drano (chemicals used to remove the choke). You readily get sachets of these chemicals in powder/liquid form that is poured in the drain choke pipe. It is then left for 20-30 mins and water is poured. The chemicals either free the choke or dissolve it.

If you still facing drain choke issues, you need to call a plumber to do the needful than.

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