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Few days back I accompanied ContractorBhai customer to a Light shop to buy chandelier for his home. I happen to meet a friendly shopkeeper who shared info regarding chandelier. This is what he said…

Chandelier is a decorative piece hung on ceiling which was used as ornate traditionally. Now a day’s chandelier is a trend preferred by many modern home owners. As we all know China is a wholesale market for most of the products and machines and has captured almost 80% of the market today. Products that are imported from China usually do not have a fix MRP. To say, there is no standard rate chart followed when it comes to selling China imported products here in India. The cost for same product will differ with shops you visit.
For eg.- shopkeeper 1 may price a chandelier Rs. 5000 while Shopkeeper 2 may sell it for Rs.4500. He may sell it for even more too. It is advisable for a home owner to bargain. And if you happen to visit wholesale market, you may receive the same piece for almost half the rate than the local dealers MRP.

How china made Chandeliers are different from Branded Chandeliers ?

There are branded chandeliers too available in market today like PHILIPS, USHA (soon to be seen in market), etc. A Germany company – MASSIVE also manufactures rich quality chandeliers. This company is now taken over by PHILIPS. These companies manufacture supreme quality chandeliers in different style and designs. Also these companies give detailed information about the product like size, dimension, quality, fabric/material used, etc.

Not only that, these chandeliers/ products have fixed rates unlike China made/imported products. A dealer selling China made product as per his choice. Like he may price ir Rs 6,000/- for a chandelier for a middle class person and the same piece he would sell it for Rs 10,000 and above to a rich man entering his shop. But the company chandelier are sold for a fixed rate all over India.

Custom Made chandelier

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There are few home owners who visit us who ask for custom made designs in chandeliers. Well we can deliver custom made chandeliers only in 2 circumstances- One, if the minimum quantity is more than 50-80 pieces & 2- if there are minor changes like fabric shade of color change that can easily be done in present chandelier. I suggest you to visit a known or trusted shopkeeper if at all a home owner wants to have a custom made chandelier done.

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