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Types of Electrical Wire used in Homes

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Homes are wired with different types of wire like basic wire, Cable wire, Telephone wire, TV wire and accessories & home networking wires. Each type of wiring has its specific use to house the load and conditions it is exposed to. For commercial and outdoor purposes, wiring id very different and mainly heavy duty wires.

Wires – Wires are copper or tinned copper, the most common conductor in home wiring with minimum resistance that come for reasonable cost. Wires are usually grouped by gauge number ranging from 00-40. Smaller the number thicker is the wire. For residential/ home, wire gauge ranging from 10 to 20 are used.

Cable Wire – Cable denotes a collection of 2 or more strands of wire. Cable have basically 3 wire running- phase, neutral and a grounding wire. Cables are categorized according to the number of wires running through it and its size/gauge.

Telephone wire – This type of wires are used for low voltage control especially for communication and alarm purpose. Braided, twisted and plastic-jacketed are most common type of thermostat wiring. Twisted cable wiring has no outer braid and is used for doorbells, burglar alarms and telephone systems.

TV wire – Television lead-in wire connects the receiving set to the antenna that is installed on society roof. Good quality 300-ohm wire is used for both VHF and UHF receivers.

Home networking and Modem wires – home networking wires include connecting multiple computers, audio systems, etc. The networking hub is a device where wiring from different locations come together to meet.

Multi strand wires – Multi strand wires is predominantly in homes these days. Multi stand wire is a collection of number of small gauge/size wires wrapped together to form a big a large conductor i.e. a multi stranded wire. There are different sizes available in multi stranded wire starting from 1 sq. meter, 1.5 sq. meter, 2.5 sq. meter and 4 sq. meter. Multi stranded wire is more flexible and long lasting than 1 solid wire of same size. This 1 big fat wire was used in olden days but is banned now. A building/home owner having 1 big fat wiring done could be caught for using it, it’s that illegal. You could possible happen to see it in slum areas but nowhere else. This 1 wire was banned because it was not safe to use and as it was not flexible it would easily get cut when bent. Whereas multi-stranded wire is a better conductor and much flexible than solid wire

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