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  • Understand Veins inside Italian Marble

Understand Veins inside Italian Marble

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Can you explain veins inside Italian marble, what should home owner know about veins and what happens and how does designer look at it?

Each and Every material like a Botticino different types of veins, Statuario will have different types of veins. Its completely Designer’s choice which he is thinking of based on that the marble lot is selected.

In today’s time what designers do is basically is that whatever they have in their mind they get a 3.D view made of the whole house and they show the 3D view to the client because that becomes very easy for the client to understand.

3D view is actually the photograph of how the house is going to look once it is completed. So the client is very much comfortable and it is easy to understand for him to see a photograph and say yes or no rather than getting into which material is this and then going and looking for different sorts of linears and paints. This 3D view has made designers life very easy and in today’s time the designer opts for 3D design and then showing it to the client.

And if they are looking for some diagonal veins of straight veins all these things are already reflected in the 3D view so it becomes easy for the client to choose whether straight veins or diagonal veins or diamond pattern, so it becomes very easy for the home owner.

So in general veins are preferred or less amount of veins are good?

It depends on stone to stone. If you see Onyx Italian Marble, Diamond pattern looks good. onyx stone is a translucent material so light can travel through it. So most designers see to it that there are lights placed behind onyx marble. So they make a feature in the house where Onyx is backlit or they use Onyx on bar counter or may be on a dining table. So these small things make your project look good.

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