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This article is the second in a multi-part series of articles describing Construction of ‘Ground plus 2’ or ‘Ground plus 3’ Independent Houses on 30×40 BDA Plots in Bangalore and nearby region. Related Articles below this post

In Bangalore independent Houses like Ground plus 2 or Ground plus 3 (G + 2, G + 3) are built on plots approved by BDA ( Bangalore Development Authority ). These sites are usually are of measurement of 1200 sq. ft. They are also called 30×40 site. That is the standard size of the site in Bangalore More then 75% of the plots are of this size. Rest are double the size, that is – 2400 square feet. These are called 60×40 plots.

Experienced & skilled Contractors have a package like Quotation ready to share. Construction cost is calculated per square feet.

Cost per square feet ranges from Rs 1600 to Rs 1800 – depending upon various factors & material selection.

To simplify explanation, lets assume Your Contractor is Quoting you Rs 1600 per square feet of construction.

Construction Cost of Ground + 2 Houses in Bangalore

Here 1200 sq. ft. of construction is done at ground floor level & then next 2 levels. Hence total are constructed will be – (Ground)1200 + (1st floor)1200 + (2nd floor)1200 = 3600 sq. ft. of total construction

3600 sq. ft. x Rs 1600 = Rs 57.60 lakhs

Construction Cost of Ground + 3 Houses in Bangalore

Similarly, Here 1200 sq. ft. of construction is done at ground floor level & then next 3 levels. Hence total are constructed will be – (Ground)1200 + (1st floor)1200 + (2nd floor)1200 + (3rd floor)1200 = 4800 sq. ft. of total construction

4800 sq. ft. x Rs 1600 = Rs 78.80 lakhs

For every 1200 sq.ft. cost of construction is Rs 16.80 Lakhs

ContractorBhai team member always hands you over initial quotation with complete description of work items & materials. Itemised & detailed Estimate always makes things easy for Home Owner & contractor to take discussion to next level.

Our quotations sometimes have more then 40-50 points covering complete life cycle of project. Right from Excavation & anti-Termite treatment till the time Contractor hands-over Keys to Owner before Gruh-Pravesh ceremony.

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