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This article is the first in a multi-part series of articles describing Construction of ‘Ground plus 2’ or ‘Ground plus 3’ Independent Houses on 30×40 BDA Plots in Bangalore. Related Articles listed below this post

Before you start any work, you need to get all approvals. For getting approvals we have to submit plans to departments. These plans have to be approved by Architect. Contractor or Engineer or Architect starts working on Layouts & Plans only after thoroughly understanding requirements & expectations of Owner.

  • What kind of House/Building do you want to construct ?
  • Do you want to use it as Residence ?
  • Do you wish make multiple apartments inside building to generate Rental income from it?

When Contractorbhai team starts conversation with Plot owner, we are always ready with different options & Idea. Recently one Home Owner who constructed G + 2 (ground + 2 floors building) wanted to generate maximum ROI ( return on investment) . If we know your purpose, we can suggest how you should construct the house.

Many construct whole house ( G+2 or G+3 ) for their personal use. They don’t wish to let out (rent) their space. House is designed accordingly.

Many home owners wish to keep part of property for their use, & wish to rent out some part of the house to generate rental income. We suggest how they can have a sufficient space for them-self & in remaining space plan 1 BHK or two BHK or something else – which can go on rent.

Recently, we constructed house with consideration to use property for Paying Guest facility. Owners generates very good income. We designed/planned home so that owner gets best value out of it.

We can plan house layout to use minimum area & get maximum number of units so that your return on investments goes high.

And all above things can be done in such a way that in future if you wish to discontinue commercial activities & live in the house, you don’t have to disturb the structure of the house. Owners want to find out how many 1 BHK & 2 BHK can be made inside whole house.

A good contractor or Engineer or Architect, first collects all requirements and based on that gives his/her view.

Let’s assume that client is interested in wanting ground floor with two 2 BHK houses. Or may be he wants one 1 bhk & other as 3 BHK. In Bangalore houses, now-days, many opt for an apartment & some parking garage on ground floor.

Depending upon client’s wish & planner’s suggestion a final decision on layout is taken. Location of the plot and it’s feasibility is studied. Contractor / planner does detail study & comes back with best possible solution. If something cannot be done, a honest contractor will tell it up front. A Contractor not agreeing to everything you say is sometimes a good sign.

House Owner & Contractor discusses initial rough plan & then final decision is taken. Once Owner & Contractor reaches this stage, preparation of detailed planning of house starts.

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Bangalore Construction - 30x40 Plots

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