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Decorative Veneer is a thin slice of natural wood glued to substrates like plywood or MDF. To maintain the naturalness and richness of veneers, veneer sheets/ wood are polished. Polishing is necessary and important to protect and restore the shine and naturalness of natural decorative veneer. There are different types of polishes used to give different finish. You can actually say, there are various types of veneer finishes available. The 3 most common finishes preferred or common finishes are Melamine matt, PU finish and Lamination.

The most standard and preferred is Melamine matt polish Over 70%-80% of home owners favor Melamine matt polish. Melamine polish is the most cost-effective polish of all. It is easily available for 100/- to 150/- per ltr .As name suggests, Melamine polish gives a matt finish. Melamine is not available in gloss as glossy finish is very rarely favored finish. Also glossy surface takes away from the natural charm of decorative veneer.

Another Polish that is less spoken about in PU (polyurethane) polish. PU polish is available in both finish type- matt and glossy. But PU matt is very rarely done as it gives a similar finish and appearance as Melamine matt, plus, it is double the cost of melamine matt. Certainly then, no home owner would want to pay double the price for similar finish unnecessarily.

The third most commonly preferred finish is Lamination. Lamination finish gives a glossy finish. You can say very high good glossy finish. It is the most expensive of all. Reason being the chemicals used and the number of steps to polishing repeated.

Glossy Finished Decorative Veneer-Smoked-Larch

Glossy Finished Decorative Veneer-Smoked-Larch

A Tip for Home owners

Home owners who desire for glossy finish, but not wanting to spend much can choose for PU-gloss polish which is cheaper than laminate finish. But surely the finish that Lamination finish gives cannot be matched.

Rubio Monocoat polish/finish is another finish , that is newly launced and so not many know about it. In fact, I would say, that awareness of finishes is not there. Truly, not many say not even 2% of crowd know that veneer can look different with so many different types of finishes. Rubio monocoat is a hard oil based polish, unique and popular especially in European countries. Rubio monocoat is the only polish with natural components with zero VUC (volatile organic components).

Rubio monocoat is costlier than melamine matt, but cheaper than PU-polish and Lamination finish. The price difference in not much say if melamine matt is done in 60/-, then Rubio monocoat finish can be done for 70/- 75/-. So home owners who can spend a few penny and get beautiful finish with Rubio Monocoat finish wood/furniture. The process of applying Rubio monocoat is different from all other types of finishes. Rubio monocoat finish is given in just one single coat unlike other polishes. It is the only polish that abides by with the microns of the wood by molecular bonding. Rubio monocoat is the only polish that can directly be applied to wood or veneer or veneered wood. But care needs to taken while working with Rubio Monocoat. We as contractors strongly recommend for Rubio monocoat polish to be used by professionals only. As contractor we, the team of Contractorbhai.com too guide whosoever buys from us.

Home owners who are aware of Rubio monocoat and its properties, straight away ask for it. Like we had a parlour –owner with her interior designer coming in and asking for Rubio monocoat finished veneer. She didn’t want to see or know and other finish type, nothing. As I said earlier, Rubio monocoat finish is done in shorter duration then melamine or PU-finish. She wanted to do up her parlour in 15-20 days. In this case Rubio monocoat was a way to go. Another advantage of choosing Rubio monocoat was that melamine matt polish would smell in parlour, which in turn would affect the parlor atmosphere and customers. Melamine matt polish takes a longer time for polishing as the procedure to polishing and dusting is repeated several times. It therefore needs longer time for drying too. And if not completely dried, it would smell. If the same parlour was done in melamine matt finish furniture and rooms, it would take 5-6- weeks minimum.

The raw materials of polish used for above mentioned finishes i.e. Melamine matt, Pu-finish, Lamination, and Rubio monocoat are all imported and branded. The polish given has to be of best quality because it is polish or final finish that maintains the look, naturalness and beautifies veneer. A few imported/branded polishes used are ICIC, ICI, Asian Paints polish also is used very often in India.