Contractorbhai Pvt Ltd is a Home Renovation Company. We have done Interior Design of Homes in more then 40 different cities of India.

When Home Owners work directly with Contractors or Carpenters, it involves lack of planning & design. We fill this gap.

After lot of analysis & struggle we have reached at a point where we know major pain points faced by Home Owners & what can go wrong during renovation. Every Home is unique & so are home owner’s expectation. Successful Home Renovation requires meticulous service providers & well informed Home owner.

On website you will find lot of information that can help you make well-informed decisions.

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All Free Resource :

1) Free Estimates
Fill this form & we will send you [Rough Estimate] or [Rate list] next day. these Estimates are not perfect but they are excellent way to start your renovation journey.

2) Dashboard is best thing you will find on Contractorbhai. Bunch of calculators that will asks you important questions & makes suggestions. These calculators are Educational, Fun to use & Free.

3) FREE 35 Videos – Interior Design Ideas for Indian Homes
Watch these videos & trust me, it will be worth all your time. Interior Designing is 50% about actual physical changes but rest is about tricking your brain. These videos teach you that.

4) Articles
There are 500+ articles & new topics are getting added every week. Building materials, renovation process, design ideas & more.

5) Cost Guide
This is the best part of the website. We have made page on work item ( like flooring), materials ( like granite ) & few popular brands ( like Jaquar bathroom fittings).

6) Questions is a question & answer forum where Home Owners like you submit their questions & someone from community will answer them within hours.

Our Products & Services

1) 3D Interior Design Service – Rs 12/sq. ft.
Great Value & Low Cost. For Home Owners who want to get complete control over their project. In year 2015, if you’re spending Lakhs of Rupees in Renovation without Visualizing Final 3-D, you’re doing it Wrong!

2) Aloha Ply
High quality Plywood at Reasonable Price. Commercial (MR GRADE) Ply & Waterproof (Marine) Ply.

3) Buy online – 101 Home Renovation EBook
EBook has 101 Tips, priced Rs 299. These points will save you money, avoid costly mistakes & avoid getting cheated. This is our trade secret. Checkout reviews of Home Owners who bought & used it.

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