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Home Renovation Dialogue – Bangalore, Navi Mumbai, Hyderabad

“Home Renovation Dialogue” is a series in which we highlight our interaction with Home Owners from different parts of country. Questions shared below are real life renovation situation. Suggestions made by Contractorbhai experts are shared for wider audience to get benefit.

Civil Work in Bangalore

Additional construction to hall with verandah of size 8X8 and shifting of main door to verandah, Change existing mosaic flooring to marble for hall size of 20X11 = 220 Sq ft Change,for dining hall and rooms for carpet area 340 sqft Change existing mosaic floor to wood/ granite for rooms of size 14X15 and 12X 10 carpet area 330, Converting existing garage to room and change flooring also extension of garage till compound wall with grill work and roof covering, Modular kitchen (using existing granite sink & kitchen granite platform)Plywood work of cabinets of running feet – 40ft, Existing ward robe work modification for running feet -40ft, Miscellaneous plumbing works, Painting for house.

Suggestion made by Contractorbhai Team

For total renovation 2-3 points are necessary

Firstly when you do demolition in flat or bungalow pest control must be done for termite(dimak) proof. Second when you do plumbing work first test if water proofing is done or undergo a test leakage by pouring water for 3-4 days. Third for any strong>wood work, check if its termite proof wood material you have selected. If not use termite application and than go ahead with wood work.

Bathroom & Toilet Re-do in Navi Mumbai

I want to renovate bathroom which has attached toilet. I intend to do everything right from having an english toilet to latest bath fittings and tiles along with a new door. My bathroom is about 4ft x 7ft.
(hot and cold water options with shower. English toilet, new bathroom door, tiles and fixtures.)

Suggestion made by Contractorbhai Team

Having an English toilet/commode, especially a wall mounted with flush tank is nice to have for modern bathrooms. You can have aluminum door or PP-R (Polypropylene Random Copolymer) which is ready-made flush door panel for bathroom door. For hot and cold water there is ready-made wall mixer available in market you can use it.

Home Renovation in Andheri, Mumbai

At Poonam Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai has 340 Sq.ft Carpet Area which includes one living room, one small bedroom and a small kitchen.
Flooring for Kitchen, platform (Black granite)tiles into Kitchen area two walls tiling (one into living room and another into bedroom)Window Grills Painting – Asian royals with two designer walls. false ceiling for entire 340 sq.ft area)

Suggestion made by Contractorbhai Team

Having wall tile for kitchen is a great idea especially when it comes to maintenance. But for painting i suggest you to confirm with your contractor if he is going to apply base coat and then apply 3 coats of paint over base coat. 3 coats of paint is must to receive smooth desired shade and finish. Few contractor cheat home owners by applying only 2 coat of paint and show the rate for 3 coat and paint.

Flooring work in Dilsukh Nagar, Hyderabad

Presently I am having mosaic flooring for flat of 900 sqt including common area. We can take 750 Sft for my flat which is in Hyderabad dilsukhnagar area.(want to replace with while marbles or tiles)

Suggestion made by Contractorbhai Team

For mosaic flooring, if you wish you can apply tiles on mosaic flooring using chemicals. This will be cost effective affair as compared to white marble and any other tiles for flooring. For marble flooring, you will have to firstly get the existing floor scrapped/broken and then get into the process of laying marble.

Home Interior work in Bangalore

3 BHK Flat (1768 sqft) 5+ year old, 3 Bathrooms of which 2 bathrooms needs complete remodeling with new tiles/fresh look (Remodeling bathroom(s) (remove tiles and lay fresh tiles with waterproofing), Damp and mold removing, Interior walls painting)

Suggestion made by Contractorbhai Team

For flooring of 3 bedrooms, living room and kitchen you can use 30″ x 30″ tiles. For bathroom flooring use 2′ x 1′ tiles and for wall use 2′ x 2′ tiles. For interior painting use Asian Paints luster. You can get zinc applied before paint to protect from dampness.

New Home Interior in Durgapur, West Bengal

Hi Nitin,I have booked a 2BHK flat at my home town Durgapur,west Bengal. It will be delivered by june 2015 later or sooner. It has super built area of 845 sq. ft and carpet area of around 600 sq. ft. Since this is my dream home and even though its very small I want to decorate its interior very well. If you can ,please give me ideas which can make my dream home looks nice and even though it has small carpet area ,it should look bit spacious as much that can be achieved. Looking forward for your reply. I would prefer to communicate over email as of now.

Suggestion made by Contractorbhai Team

Use light color and material in wall, flooring and ceiling. Use dark color and material for doors, TV panel, wooden furniture paneling and for decorative purpose use wallpaper in backside of TV unit or leather for backside of bed.

Interior & Furniture work in Mumbai

This is a new flat that we have purchased in Pune. We want the complete interiors done in terms of layout design, furniture etc. The total carpet area is 1400 sqft. This is a 3BHK flat. (In Lobby – shoe rack and simple storage unitIn Living room – sofas, dining table, TV unit and one storage unitIn the bedrooms – beds, storage units, study tabledecorative – some wall tiles or pattern painting etc.)

Suggestion made by Contractorbhai Team

These day,for new flats all basic work will be already done and provided by builders. To make you apartment look much well planned and fresh, you can get furniture work and painting work done. Your house is sure to look as a complete interior planned apartment.

Modular Kitchen in Mumbai

Renovate a kitchen size 12 feet x 10 feet. (want a modular kicthen)

Suggestion made by Contractorbhai Team

For kitchen platform you must use marble and below the kitchen use modular kitchen trolleys is best and lay tiles upto ceiling heights in kitchen for maintenance purpose.

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  1. Srinivas punna 19 March 2017 at 8:35 pm - Reply

    Wanted full details of aluminium modular kitchen and contact no in Hyderabad

    • contractorbhai 20 March 2017 at 9:40 am - Reply

      sir pls call us, I am not sure what you mean by aluminum modular. Are you talking about Aluminum profile shutters ?

  2. Raghavendra 12 September 2017 at 10:35 pm - Reply

    Need to change the tiles of 3 bhk flat(1700 sq ft) for removing of old tiles is there any other method instead if hammering ,that will not cause any problem to the lower flat members

    • contractorbhai 13 September 2017 at 11:52 am - Reply

      It depends on how good previous flooring work was done. I have seen many homes where old flooring work had poor quality cement proportion & hence after initial few hammering(loud noise making) it was possible to simply push tools below fixed tiles, twist & remove it apart. In any case, there will be noise. You you are breaking floor, it is core civil work. You have to request neighbors they will understand.

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