Introduction to ACP sheets

ACP- Aluminum Composite Panels are flat panels basically made up of rubber and aluminum. Initially ACP consisted of 2 layers only i.e. rubber and aluminum. Aluminum sheet layer was the front side exposed to external surroundings while rubber was the inner layer that made installation easier. But over a period of time rubber layer in now sandwiched with aluminum sheet on both sides. The thickness i.e. Gauge of both these sheets may vary.


The thickness of ACP’s largely depends on the height at which it is to be installed mainly because of the wind velocity that will differ at that altitude. ACP are available in 1mm, 2 mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm and more thicknesses. Thicker i.e. around 5mm to 6mm ACP’s are used for higher elevations for buildings and offices.

Varieties of ACP

Since aluminum can be painted with any kind of color it is available in wide range of metallic and non-metallic colors like white, lemon, silver and gold, red, black and many more. With technology, ACP’s are available in different finishes and patterns like marble, POP, wood, brushed panel, mirror finished and many more. Marble finish and POP finish are widely used for home and hotel interiors while wood finish ACP are very commonly preferred for commercial offices to keep up the rich feel.



Features of ACP

i. Aluminum are far light in weight as compared to steel that brings low loads on buildings mainly where large distances or areas are involved.
ii. It is fire resistant
iii. A highly durable material especially because of a hard coating that is used as a cover to aluminum surface to avoid it reaction with air.
iv. It is available in variety of colors and patterns.
v. Being lightweight, it is easy to process and has replaced use of heavier and more expensive materials.
vi. ACP can be re-used and is easy to maintain.
vii. Not affected by water because of careful waterproofing treatment given.
viii. It also has good resistance to corrosion, pollution and moisture.

Applications of ACP

Few years back use of ACP was limited to only external purpose like external building cladding only. ACP are now commonly used for both interior and exterior purposes. It is used as decorative materials for interiors like wall paneling purpose, false ceilings, ducting, bathrooms, doors, kitchens, balcony of home and hotels. ACP is also used widely in shops and commercial offices to cover columns and beams, signage and signboards, covering machines and equipment’s, etc.

Appliaction of ACP for Facade Branding

Appliaction of ACP for Facade Branding

For external applications ACP’s have been used for outer structure of building, facades of building, insulation, etc.

Applications of ACP not only limited for construction purpose

Lately, ACP’s have been used as backing material for mounting fine art photography which is has an acrylic finish. Being very light weight and sturdy material, ACP is also widely used for temporary structures for trade show booths and related foundations. The durability, efficiency, light-weight and easy forming and processing, rigidity and other features has extended its use to form structure like spaceship too.

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