Home Renovation Dialogue – Kolkata, Bangalore, Navi Mumbai

“Home Renovation Dialogue” is a series in which we highlight our interaction with Home Owners from different parts of country. Questions shared below are real life renovation situation. Suggestions made by Contractorbhai experts are shared for wider audience to get benefit.

Gypsum Board False Ceiling, Weather-coat plastic paint in Salt lake, Kolkata

(Gypsum Board False Ceiling, Weather-coat plastic paint in 730 sqft and modular kitchen)

Suggestion made by Contractorbhai Team

Weather-coat plastic paint is good for ceiling. You cannot have it used for walls as the paint will come out on washing and also it absorbs oil very fast, which is not suitable for walls. Instead i would suggest you to have either luster paint or velvet paint for walls. You can choose from various designs and materials for modular kitchen easily available in market. You can also plan to get it made through carpenter as per your size and style if not ready-made. For False ceiling, you can choose from fireproof and waterproof Gypsum boards as per weather conditions.

Painintg a ten year old house in Rajarajeshwarinagar, Bangalore

(Painintg a ten year old house interiors only)

Suggestion made by Contractorbhai Team

Old buildings in Bangalore that means it must be made of wood and brick or stone. For wooden flooring and walls (if any) you could get it re-polished. If you wanting to maintain the natural look of wood then get it polished with and oil polish or with a melamine polish or get PU coating done. These polishes will maintain the natural look for longer time then just re-polishing with a basic polish. But before doing flooring gt the wall painted first to avoid re-doing flooring. You can use luster paint of velvet paint for walls to make them look new.

fully construction of plot in Navi Mumbai

My total plot area is 300 sqft. ( 10ft x 30ft). I want to build 3 floor building i.e. G+2 story apartment. Both side attached wall with other house. No free space around left and right side wall because neighboring house is attached with our existing house.
(I just want to know how much cost it will be take for fully construction for this plot)

Suggestion made by Contractorbhai Team

Here is a rough design plan for your 2 story apartment– You can have only seating arrangement on ground floor with washroom. On first floor you can have kitchen made with dinning area and living room. On second floor you can have 2 bedrooms and your personalized terrace on top. For ventilation in bedrooms you can have windows or balcony on front and backside as the sides are attached to neighboring houses.

false ceiling in living room, Kolkata

For a room of size 13 X 22 feet what would be cost to create a hanging style false ceiling with gypsum board. Could you refer to a contractor in kolkata.
(false ceiling in living room of 13×22, and other 3 bedrooms)

Suggestion made by Contractorbhai Team

For false ceiling there are 2-3 designs you can choose from. One of them is you can have <strong>gypsum board with hanging wooden combination and gypsum with wallpaper. Like on two sides or all 4 sides are of gypsum is at higher level while the center island is at lower level where you can use wooden or wallpaper combination with gypsum.

Painting, plumbing, electrical and carpentry work in Navi Mumbai

2BHK approx 600 sq ft apartment
(Paint, plumbing, electrical and carpentry)

Suggestion made by Contractorbhai Team

For bathroom fittings, we suggest you to have Jaguar company bathroom fittings. Jaguar fittings are quite popularly used in Mumbai and they are more durable. For electrical wiring, use Polycab wires or Mk which is new in market and is available in lower rates. FOr painting interiors, have plastic paint for ceilings and luster paint for walls. For furniture you can choose from different plywood like Marine ply– which is quite and expensive piece, commercial ply– quite commonly used for furniture and semi-marine plywood. Semi marine plywood has similar qualities to that of marine and commercial ply which is quite a durable piece and can easily fit into your budget. But sugest you to get pest control done which is necessary before starting any carpentry work.

Bathroom leakage issue, Dahisar West, Mumbai

Renovation of bathroom, address leakage issue and other misc items.
(Designing and labour services)

Suggestion made by Contractorbhai Team

To solve leakage problem you need to firstly find out where is the leakage problem i.e. either because of the flat below yours or above yours.Accordingly waterproofing will be done in the flat. Because if its because of the flat above your then they need to get the issue solved. If you are planning to get waterproofing done, once the waterproofing process in complete, pour water for 3-4 days to check if its correctly done. If you still experience leakage problem, then you need to get it done rightly. Once the leakage problem is solved, you can go ahaed with plumbing and tile work to renovate your bathroom.

2 BHK flat renovation in Mumbai

I have a two BHK flat in Borivli west.
(I would like to have false-ceiling(preferably Gyproc)) in two rooms (bedroom and hall)Also I would need to re-do some electrical wiring in my two BHK flat together with minor change in plumbing for existing bathroom.)

Suggestion made by Contractorbhai Team

To have false ceiling, you need to firstly confirm the room height. If the ceiling height is to low then false ceiling may not be a good idea, but one can have 2.5″ to 3″ max. false ceiling if really wanted. For electrical changes, firstly get the fan fitted on slab and LED lights hidden in your false ceiling or visible (depending on your choice). Take care while choosing the size of lights as they shall easily fit into the ceiling size. Also it shall not add more depth since your ceiling height is already decreased due to false ceiling. Also look for the fan height as it shall not hurt you if you happen to raise your hand.

2 BHK Full furniture & Electrical work in Thane, Mumbai

2BHK – Full Furniture, False Ceiling for Full House, Electrical work, Main Door, Passage Storage, NO Civil Work and NO Kitchen.

Suggestion made by Contractorbhai Team

Here we suggest you to get the main door done on site only i.e. at your apartment. For rest of the furniture at home like sofa, tables, etc. you can either opt to buy ready-made one’s or get it made through carpenter as per your design, style and size. We would suggest you to get the furniture made at workshop through carpenter which can later be assembled at apartment. Here what happens is that the flooring and walls are saved from any damage due to carpentry work.

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