Home Renovation Dialogue – Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi

“Home Renovation Dialogue” is a series in which we highlight our interaction with Home Owners from different parts of country. Questions shared below are real life renovation situation. Suggestions made by Contractorbhai experts are shared for wider audience to get benefit.

Bathroom redo & waterproofing in Mumbai

I need to redo my bathroom. waterproofing, re-tiling and changing wall pipes 180 sq feet
(Re-tiling, replastering, Changing water pipes in bathroom, also putting is a shower cubical.)

Suggestion made by Contractorbhai Team

While you getting your bathroom redone, there are 2-3 important pointer you shall look for before the final handover as bathroom renovation cos can really go high. (i) check if waterproofing is done proper. For this let the bathroom dry for a day after waterproofing is done and let water run in the room for a while. (ii) check pipe joints before fixing tiles. To check this, let water run for a specific time with full pressure. You can check this a intervals too.

Kitchen & interior work in Pune

I bought a new flat. Want to do do kitchen and interior for hall
(kitchen and interior work)

Suggestion made by Contractorbhai Team

If you are in a hurry to do up your new flat you can choose for modular kitchen with trolley and other storage options as per your requirements. There are various designs and materials you can choose from depending on your taste and suitability. For hall i would say, you can select basic design for TV unit, ready made furniture like sofas side tablesetc. Here again you have variety of styles and materials to choose from that can help create an impression of your living. You can choose from ready made 4-seater or 6-seater dinning tableas per your space requirement.

Italina marble floor and counter in Koregaon Park, Pune.

(Complete redoing of Four Bathrooms with Shower Stalls, Imported Fittings, Italian Marble floor and counter, complete waterproofing, false ceiling and steam unit in the Master Bathroom)

Suggestion made by Contractorbhai Team

For bathrooms avoid using marble as they are smooth in finish. Also in bathroom there’s maximum water use and because of smooth finish, one can slip and get hurt. We therefore suggest you to choose from anti-skid tiles like that of sand finish, flamed finish or rough finished marbles. And for False Ceiling in bathroom, you can choose ACP sheets or acrylic sheets with different color LED lights to enhance your room.

1 BHK renovation in Mira road

(I have a 1BHK apartment that needs plumbing n electrical work,convert balcony to kitchen and want french windows in hall and bedroom. Toilet and ?Bathrooms also needs to be done and finally flooring of entire house.)

Suggestion made by Contractorbhai Team

To start Renovating work, i suggest you to start with electrical work. Get all the electrical wiring done through flooring using concealed pipes. Concealed wiring will make your apartment look tidier with no hanging wires seen at all. If you wanting to include that balcony area into your kitchen look if you could have electrical and plumbing points shifted or extended there. Another important issue to look for is there’s no leakage problems especially due to rains in that area. If any, firstly get waterproofing done. To have an extra storage and permanent sitting area, you can get an Indian seating created in hall and bedroom balcony with french windows. For house with kids we request you to get a glass railing installed at desiered height for safety purpose.

Change existing windows frame into Granite frame in North East Delhi

Home – kindly give total estimate with labour & material
(we need to change our 5 doors & 3 windows frame into Granite frame)

Suggestion made by Contractorbhai Team

For granite door and window frame you need get double framing i.e. double data shall be done. Two layers of framing will lay one upon the other which is called double framing. But if you not wanting to spend mush on framing, granite framing can be done as per with existing door and windows measurements.

Flooring in living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom in Mumbai

2 BHK Flat with Carpet of close to 425- 450. 1 Washroom and Toilet inclusive.
(Flooring in all rooms ( Living Room/ Kitchen/ 2 Bedrooms) Wall tiling and flooring in Washroom and Toilet. Flooring and wall tiling in Kitchen. Colouring full flat)

Suggestion made by Contractorbhai Team

(i) For Flooring in entire house you can have Ivory colored 30×30 cm tiles that are quite in trend. You can choose for bigger size tile, but the wastage percentage will increase here. White colored tiles is a great choice but only if one can maintain the look and feel.
(ii) For kitchen wall tiles, there are a variety of designs and colors you can choose from to suit your interior style. For kitchens 2’x1′ tiles are generally used. To create a design element one can highlight areas by having 4’x2′ highlighter tiles in between.
(iii) For Bathrooms, you can choose from 2’x2′ or 1’x1′ anti-skid tiles. There are variety of designs and colors easily available in same. If you wanting to make your bathroom look bigger, you can got for bigger size tiles provided, there are not many levels in bathroom wall. I mean the wall is in one level with no columns in between. The cost of having bigger tiles will go really high if there are too many ups and downs.

Modular kitchen, chimney, wardrobe and false ceiling work in Noida

2 bhk plus study. Super area is around 1370 sq feet.
(Modular kitchen plus chimney. Wardrobes in bedrooms and study. Vanities in bathroom. False ceiling in living room and bedrooms. Door lamination of main door.)

Suggestion made by Contractorbhai Team

Wardrobes can be designed and made as per your choice of design and space. If the wardrobe is going to be shared between lady and men of house, i suggest you to have hanging options for ladies clothing and have stacking options like drawers or shelves for men. Otherwise you can have wardrobe made with different sections to keep your clothing as per the occasion. Like you can have different section for party wear, casual and regular wear and office wear. You cold have entire section made in such a way that relating accessories could also fit in.

Similarly Bathroom vanity can be made into different sections each holding different items like napkins, men’s shaving accessories, body wash, shampoo’s, etc.

Loft and Wardrobes in Undri, Pune

It’s a new house at undri
(Loft and wardrobes in 3 rooms and kitchen furniture. Have existing trolleys and cupboards which need to be reused)

Suggestion made by Contractorbhai Team

You can have a semi modular kitchen made using existing trolleys for new house. The dimension for this kitchen will be then set as per the size of there trolleys that you wanting to re-use.

If incase you have an wardrobe but wanting a new one, then you can get the old wardrobe dismantled. The plywood of this wardrobe can be re-used to make cabinet doors and shutter for loft. In case loft is not available, you can get it made and the plywood can be used for partition purpose.

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