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Waterproofing Polymers & Water proofing Latex

What is Latex Coating?

Latex coating is a plastic polymer coating that is available only in liquid form. Technically Latex is a stirring co-polymer.

Application of Latex coating

Latex polymer coating solution is always mixed with cement to waterproof the required area. A layer of this mixture is applied as required. Well, Latex coating isn’t much of a high quality coating basically because of its poor flexibility. Poor flexibility causes cracks to develop very easily and therefore we do not recommend latex coating to home owners. If at all one wants to use latex coating, we suggest them to have its application on interior walls and not use it for exterior walls.

Waterproofing Polymers

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Polymers is a vast topic. Here we shall catch on waterproofing only. Many are under misconception that polymers are available in liquid form only which is not true. There are different types of polymer like plastic polymer. Waterproofing polymers are available either in liquid or powder form, but mainly in liquid form. Liquid polymers are available in various grades again. Most of these polymers are mixed with cement for waterproofing application.

Polymers are like adhesives and cement is a hydraulic bind. Once these two are mixed with each other, it becomes a strong adhesive mixture. A layer of this mixture when applied on concrete structure, It acts as a strong bonding to upper surface and concrete

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