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How does Waterproofing Contractor Solve Terrace Cracks

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If you happen to face water leakage problem, one would typically call a waterproofing contractor. There are two ways of doing waterproofing on existing terrace.

(i) Crack filling method or
(ii) Application of 2 coat screet based polymer method.

Usually a waterproofing contractor will ask for your preference of method for waterproofing. He later will check on site and suggest the suitable treatment.

Crack Filling Waterproofing Method

As the name suggests, the crack developed is treated in desired way. Here the crack is firstly cut in a V-grove with help of marble cutter. The crack is cut in V grove by tilting the marble cutter at an angle. This grooving is done so that the waterproofing chemical settles in thus waterproofing the crack. The cut given is approximately 5mm- 6mm.

Followed by cutting, primer is applied. This primer also called as grout is low viscous grout once poured, easily settles in the cracks. This grout if left for drying for 5-7 hours.

Later a polymerized (1.10 sec) or crack filler (1.18 sec) is poured into the crack that’s protects the crack from water leakage issues. This is a permanent water leakage solution for crack formed.

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