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  • Difficulties faced due to Bathroom Leakage

Difficulties faced due to Bathroom Leakage

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There are various things that get affected cause of bathroom leakage. The first thing that will be affected is the side wall of bathroom. This side wall could be the wall shared with bedroom or living, thus affecting the other side of the wall to. Leakage problem will cause dampness in wall as a result damaging the paint of the wall and weakening the structure.

There could be water leakage problem through flooring too. Water leakage through flooring will affect downstairs neighbor’s bathroom walls or ceiling too. Well actually any kind of water leakage problem anywhere, especially in bathroom affects the re-enforcement i.e. the main structure of the building causing it to weaken.

Areas in bathroom for water leakage

Water leakage problems in bathroom is usually faced either because of issues with plumbing line or poor tile joint. There are very for water leakage difficulties due to poor drainage system which is a very rare thing. Very often you may not notice any water leakage signs in your apartment but your neighbor’s walls/apartment if been affected.

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