• Solutions to Bathroom Waterproofing

Solutions to Bathroom Waterproofing

Waterproofing is usually done in two ways-
(1) polymer waterproof coating method or
(ii) brickbat coba application.

But before you get water proofing done, firstly check the ceiling of bathroom for no plumbing issues. Next check if waterproofing is done in sunken portion of bathroom. Sunken area is portion where commode is placed in joint bathrooms.

Waterproofing for new bathroom

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Bathroom waterproofing is usually done by polymer coating just before the tiles are laid. Once the tiles are laid, waterproofing shall be done to these tile joints too. Tile joint waterproofing is by sealing it with tile grout. Tile grouts are available in powder that is mixed with water, used to seal tile joints.

Waterproofing solutions for existing bathroom

In case of water leakage issues in existing bathroom, waterproofing can be through tile joints. But for major water leakage issues especially those ones affected your neighbor’s bathroom too shall be taken seriously. Here water leakage would either be due to improper plumbing or damage in water pipe line, or in sunken portion of bathroom. In such conditions home owners will need to redo their flooring, including tile work and waterproofing.

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