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Ready to Plaster Mixture

Traditionally, the cement mixture is typically made to plaster wall. Today in this modern day world, there are ready to plaster powder/mixture available that make work easy. But surely this ready mixture is quite and expensive product. The cost varies by 40%-50% as compared to making the cement mixture for plastering.

Advantages of Ready Plaster Mix over traditional way of making

But with ready to plaster powder/mixture, one need not worry for any impurities in it. It is a mixture prepared and packed at factory level that contains waterproofing polymer compound too in it.

It is said that making a cement mixture for plastering is an art and requires true workmanship. Different workman mix concrete-cement in different ratios like some keep it 1:3, while some keep it 1:6 or 1:8 or 1:4. While the actual specification to make plaster mixture is either 1:3 or 1”4. Inappropriate ration can degrade the plaster quality. Whereas with ready mix, all required components are mixed in appropriate ratio. There one need not have to worry of maintaining ratio, etc. Also the sand, polymer and other substances used to make a ready plaster mix is of graded quality.

The sand used to make the cement-concrete mixture for plaster is quite expensive in few places like Mumbai. Bengal that is the hub of sand, gives away a bag of sand for Rs.20 while the same bag cost Rs.90 in Mumbai. Also there is no guarantee of quality.
But the ready plaster mix is yet not a conventional product because of its high rates.

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  1. Rustom Dastoor 19 April 2016 at 2:39 pm - Reply

    I need ready to plaster material in a very small quantity where will I get it in Bombay.could I have the address and contact details.

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