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Waterproofing-Polymer treatment v/s High-end polymer treatment

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With technology today and competition, there are various waterproofing treatment products available in market. You have basic Polymer based product to high end waterproofing products like that of Dr. Fixit which is quite an expensive one. Similarly, there are various other companies giving out waterproofing products at competitive rates.

Due to so much of competition in market, premium companies launch new product with new composition. By the time rest of the industry, including small and medium size companies come up with similar product or formula it takes a while. This way big branded companies keep introducing new products and get to charge higher prices.

For residential projects and purpose, usually waterproofing Polymer based treatment is done. Other high-end premium products can also be used for waterproofing, but basic polymer treatment is sufficient to solve waterproofing problems for residential purpose. Home owners who wanting to spend more opt for high-end premium waterproofing products. High end waterproofing products like EPOXY are used mainly for industrial sectors.

High end polymers are advantageous if you looking for faster and neater work as compared to typical polymer waterproofing treatment. Let’s say a home owner needs to waterproof a pipe. With EPOXY, a home owner will simply have to blend the 2 components given and apply it whenever necessary. Whereas with typical polymer treatment, breaking and cementing needs to be done which is comparatively a messy work. But home owners will definitely end up paying double the price faster and easier work. M-seal that is similar to EPOXY costs Rs.25 for 10gms pack. Thus 1kg EPOXY can be an expensive to use.

Consumer psychology for products
As I said earlier, there are various products for waterproofing available in market. As per human behavior, consumer tries new products that they see in the market. The human mindset is such that they want to know more about new and non-conventional products and things more than the traditional and conventional products. But without right knowledge when consumer try new methods and products, they fail. They assume for product to be failure not realizing that their method to use that product wasn’t correct. For polymer treatment and high end waterproofing products, trainings are held to use them. Yet not all can diagnose the cause of waterproofing correctly.

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