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Tile Edge Levelling System is an innovative product that assist in installation of stone, ceramic, marble granite and large format slab tiles. It is designed mainly to create a lippage free installation on floors and walls. The Edge Levelling System interlocks the tiles, effectively creating a flat slab surface while setting it. It also reduced the need to re-lift tiles to add more mud to adjust tiles for levelling, thus helps in increasing the installation speed. In addition to all these benefits, the caps are reusable once.

Product Features

• Perfect to use with for any slab surface including large-format tiles, thin porcelain tiles, marble, etc.
• Durable nylon material clip for a secure installation.
Easy to distinguish on job site due to its color.
• Specially designed break-off point in clips helps swift removal.

Advantages to User

Easy to use
• Useful for tiles with diverse thickness
• Requires minimal effort to install and remove.
Prevents tiles from moving during installation
• Eliminates lippage
Speeds up tile leveling work

To Summarize

Why It’s a Winner :

Home owners buy cost¬ly tile but after flooring end up with uneven edges here & there. Tiles edge leveling system solves this problem. This will give you lippage free surface. Very easy to use, ask your flooring contractor to use it.

What Experts Say :

Edge leveling system speeds up Tile installation process hence profitable for contractors. It eliminates lippage problem hence beneficial for Home Owners. Recommended for Tiles bigger then 30cm x 30cm. Can be used with Ceramic Tiles, Vitrified, Marble etc.

Cost :

Clips are very cheap & reusable.