• Space Planning Ideas for Small Houses

Space Planning Ideas for Small Houses

In today’s world where space constrain is major concern, space planning has become an essential part to interior design process.

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What is Space Planning???

Space Planning is allocation and division of interior space to meet code and provide the needs of client whether he is looking to plan for residential house or any kind of commercial building. To simplify I would say that space planning involves maximum utilization of available space in the most efficient and effective way and most importantly,as per clients needs and requirements.

For Residential space planning especially, there are various important elements that need to be considered. Like for small house, how to accommodate clients choice of furniture in bedroom, kitchen design so that client can work easily while cooking, etc. Here Space Planning play a very important role.

Here is an example of Space Planning…

A Project on Space Planning

A project in Gurgaon, New Delhi had a major concern on space planning.The client had a long list of requirement that was to be accommodated in limited space.

Action Taken

The site was a 2 floor apartment. On visiting the site, we firstly thought of designing the space in such a way that all the functions flow into each other.Another element that was the highlight of the space plan was open stairs. An open stairs was planned in such a way that a connection can be felt in elements on the ground floor and above it.

We planned to incorporate open stairs because:

(i) it gives a sense of space and freedom and
(ii) it works best where space constrain is the major concern. With Open stairs there are no risers, so one can look through the staircase for what is beyond. Here the steps fixed between two stringers where the handrail or guardrail is attached to either both or one of the stingers.

In this project, open stairs added to space visibility allowing a visual connection between Drawing room, dining room, kitchen and upper floor.

You see how Space Planning can have a strong impact on success of a room. Without proper planning, not only house but a small room can end up looking awkward or disastrous interior even if you have spent more on furniture and other element.

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