• Add Class to your Glass with BICCHIERE GLASS FILMS


Windows definitely allow lot of natural light in offering beautiful view too. But this sunlight that enters your interiors can cause serious fading to furniture and furnishing too. These Glass films not only protect your interiors but also glass too.

Home owners can transform their clear glasses into stylish screen with BICCHIERE GLASS FILMS. They deal with films that can be used anywhere be it residential, commercial or automotive purpose. BICCHIERE is a brand owned by Komex Company that specializes in supplying and installing a wide range of self-adhesive films. Komex Company not only deals in national but also international market. TO maintain its position and strength, Komex tries to develop new product lines and techniques and improve its supply and installation capabilities.

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Product Features and Benefits

• Flexible specifications and highly durable
• High UV rejection, i.e. almost 100% UV rejection
• Scratch resistant due to its hard coated film
• Increases comfort, cools interior, reduces glare and fading of interior upholstery
• Saves energy by reducing electricity consumption
• Protects against sun related skin problems too
• Enhances safety with improved glass shatter resistance
• Enhances over all aesthetics with soft natural shades
• Adds style and glamour quotient to your windows with decorative designs.

Types of Film

BICCHIERE Glass Film deals in different types of Glass films like-

• Decorative Film
• Frost Films also known as Privacy Films
• Customized films
• Architectural or Solar Films
• Safety and Security Films
• Print on Films
• One way Vision Films
• Automotive Films

These films that Komex offers are easy to install and remove using no adhesives. Unaffected by heat, cold, steam and humidity these films provide U.V. protection too. Komex offer a wide range of ready made and customized design solutions too.

For further details on films designs home owners can visit BICCHIERE brand website.

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