• Cheaper Rates for Cheaper Work

Cheaper Rates for Cheaper Work

We received a call from a Homeowner inquiring for the rates of False Ceiling. We gave our rate chart for which homeowner started bargaining. He argued saying other contractor is making the False Ceiling for quite cheap.

Here I would like to share with all homeowners that with cheaper rates comes in compromise.

You will ask me what compromise. A contractor who is quoting you extremely low for false ceiling (or any other work) will compromise on material used to create a given job. Like here for False Ceiling,

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i) Framing – technically the framing will gave a support at an interval of every 2×2 feet area. Now the contractor with extremely low rates will not do so.He will give support to the frame at long distances thus saving the cost of metal.

ii) Broken POP sheets – To save on cost, a contractor may use broken or damaged POP sheets that occur during transportation of POP sheets.

iii) Finishing – The joints and edges that are covered and finished with jointing compound and paper tape may not be done. Also a smooth finish given with a skimming plaster would be skipped.

Low quality framing material and POP sheets, improper finishing will create poor quality false ceiling that can bend or develop curve soon.

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