• Style your Interiors with highlighters

Style your Interiors with highlighters

Bring life to your simple or basic walls. Add style and drama to their simple painted walls by adding highlighters to your home interiors. But,


Highlighters are different products or a finish given to a wall for, to bring to light. Highlighters are also used as design element for modern homes. There are different ways of highlighting your wall and also each one are uniquely used for different rooms. The different materials or kinds of highlighters used are –

• Wallpaper
• Glass
• Texture Paint
• Wood Panels
• Stones
• Highlighter Tiles
• ONYX, Marble
(ACP is very rarely used as highlighters for residential purpose)

Home owners could also highlight a wall by simply having a wall painted in different shade or color then rest walls of the same room.

Where can Highlighters be used?

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Highlighters could be used for any wall of a room that home owner want to bring to light. For living rooms, highlighters are used usually for a TV wall, for bedrooms– the bed wall, dinning wall, a column or beam, study table wall, etc.

Rules or Guidelines to having Highlighters

We suggest our clients or home owners to have highlighters used for smaller wall or space of a room then a bigger one. For eg. A highlighter used for a 10’x10’ wall will appear too loud or ragged. But if the same highlighter is used for a 5’x6’ wall, the room will appear pretty bright creating a style statement.

Secondly we advise home owners not to overdo by highlighting every wall with different highlighters or big designs. Having too many highlighters like wood panel and also highlighter tile will make the room tattered. Also with too big motifs or design patterns, the room may look over not so good , thus taking away the view for highlighter- the design element. Here the purpose of having highlighter is lost. We therefore suggest our clients to choose highlighter type and design style very smartly.

Another important aspect is having correct lights. To bring out the highlighter or the highlighted wall, always have a LED spot light or directional light. This helps the design element to stand out even more. The light effect also will change with different type and finish of highlighter.

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