• Digital Printing for Within and Outstation City Client

Digital Printing for Within and Outstation City Client

Digital Printing Process for Clients in same City

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Let’s say we- A Digital Printer Vendor are based in Mumbai. For clients in Mumbai, they usually need to send in the material on which digital printing needs to be done. For e.g. If a client in Mumbai wants to have a digital printing to be done on MDF sheet for wall behind TV, then the MDF shall be cut as per the desired size and sent to us. We do the necessary printing job and courier it back to the client.

Digital Printing for Outstation Clients

Digital Printing for outstation clients is usually not done though we receive ample of orders form cities like Pune, Bangalore, etc. This is because it’s difficult to export heavy material like MDF. Also the transportation cost involved make the product cost double the price. Certainly we(vendor) do not pay for transportation, it is client who pays for it. Even then why pay extra. Moreover there are chances of damage or scratches too.

Well if a home owner has ordered or got something unique done in terms of digital printing that is worth spending on, then we vendors definitely take the order. Order for Digital Printing on few materials like Glass, Ceramic and Acrylic are still accepted since these materials can easily be transported to any city across India. The packing is done with extreme care for such delicate light weighted materials. Glass, Acrylic or Tiles are firstly bubble wrapped in number of layers.These are then wrapped with layers of packing paper and finally placed in wooden boxes. Here there are no chances of damage or scratches too. Also when digital printing is done on glass and ceramic tiles, they turn out very beautiful products that are worth spending for, be it transportation cost too.

All said and done, I would repeat that it truly makes no sense for clients staying outstation to order in such a manner. Today digital printing facilities and services are available in most big cities.

An alternative to printing on heavy material

For outstation clients who want digital printing on heavy material like MDF, here we have a smart alternative for them. We would suggest you to get laminates, glass or acrylic sheet digitally printed rather than MDF. Key reason being, these materials can easily be transported.

Digital Printing on Laminates instead MDF

We have many clients form Mumbai who ask for digital printing on laminates instead of MDF. These digital printed laminate sheets are later glued to plywood to have shutters or panels or wall piece.

But carpenter needs to take extreme care while working with digital printed laminates. As I said before these laminates are glued to plywood. This is done with fevicol and pressing method doe quicker application. Here the carpenter shall apply just enough pressure while gluing digitally printed laminate to plywood. If he happens to press hard, it may scratch the print, thus damaging it. Digital Printing is something not permanent. The ink is not absorbed by material. It forms another layer on given material which makes it scratch pervious.

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