• Process for Ordering Digital Printing in Architectural Design

Process for Ordering Digital Printing in Architectural Design

The process of ordering for digital print on any material be it wood, MDF, glass, etc. is same. Also the process for ordering in same city and outstation city clients is similar.

• Firstly the client shall share the type of material on which he wants digital printing to be done. This could be any material from glass, acrylic, MDF, wood, tile anything.

• Secondly important aspect is size. The client be it contractor or home owners, shall mention the size of the material.

• Next we need to know the area of application. This is an essential aspect as many a times a type of material may not work well for desired place. For e.g. a client orders for digital printing on MDF. This MDF is installed in bathroom. Here if we or vendor would know before only then we would have suggested waterproof material like glass or acrylic. MDF is not a waterproof material and therefore wouldn’t last longer in wet areas like bathroom and kitchen.

• Next the thickness of material especially for material like wood, glass, acrylic.

• Lastly comes the Design or image or picture.

For material like Glass

There are different types of glass available viz. Toughen Glass and normal glass. Therefore it’s very important for client to mention the type of glass he wants digital printing on. Sometimes the vendor too can suggest the clients for which type of glass in desired areas. Like if the glass is to be framed from all 4 sides, then we suggest home owners to have normal or standard glass. Home owners can have toughen glass in areas where framing is not done or needed.

Design or Image Details required

Clients who send in image or picture to be digitally printed need to send in high resolution image files. If the file resolution is low, the picture would pixelate i.e. not have a clear and fine picture.

There are times where clients do not have a desired image to send in. In such cases, we or a vendor help them find one. But we need to know the area of application and client’s home interior style. This helps us find appropriate images for the client. For the reason that as far as design is concerned, sky is the limit i.e. there is no end to designs and images. A change in color or adding or deleting a motif can make the entire design look new. Like for dining area, we usually suggest fruits or healthy food images.

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Home owner can share his reference images if he doesn’t have an exact picture of their style. Home owners can share images by surfing on internet. The design team at our place i.e. digital printing vendor’s work place will take care of designing part for the images shared by home owner.

How to Avoid Wasting Time

In such cases where home owner shares reference images, there could be loads of misunderstanding that leads to waste of time too. Let me share an incidence here. A home owner sent in reference images that had more of blue shades in it. Therefore our design team used blue and its shades majorly in the final image to be digitally printed. When the image was sent for approval client said he disliked the color blue. Client shall share such details i.e. about his likes and dislikes beforehand only. This will save on our i.e. vendors time and products will also be delivered on time then.

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