• Giving Wood finish to Aluminum sections through Digital Printing

Giving Wood finish to Aluminum sections through Digital Printing

A new state of art is established, when design meets technology. Reproducing your imagination and adding style onto any surfaces can easily be done with direct application ink through digital printing. The only limit being is your imagination.

The digital printing technology allows home owners to not only print your imagination but also have a texture without compromising its feel and richness like wood.

Having original wood is an expensive affair especially for home owners with limited budget. Home owners with limited budget, yet can have a look and feel of wood in their interiors with digital printing technology.

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Wood not only add to style and beauty to home interiors but also adds to the richness to home interiors.

Aluminum Sections with Wood finish

Home owners can have aluminum sections for windows and partition in wood finish. This is easily done through digital printing. There are various process through which the finish is achieved.

But before starting any job relating texture or diverse finish than actual surface, vendors always suggest to have a sample done. For that home owners or clients need to give a sample piece of the surface on which texture or other finish is to be done. Once the sample is ready with desired finish, it is sent for approval. On approval the printing job is continued with. Home owners can share a wood sample (if they have) for the wood finish they wanna have on aluminum sections.

Along with a sample material, vendors need to know other details like, the size i.e. the length of the aluminum sections.

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