1RK Interior Designing at Bhayander

Bhayander has developed as a suburb in Maharashtra over past few years. Bhayander too has east and west like other places in Mumbai. Traditionally the West was mainly a residential area whereas East largely had industrial set ups. But today you the East has many new residential projects too. Infact due to population growth and outbreak of construction and real estate, Bhayander has turned into a populated suburb.

We Contractorbhai.com had taken up a project for a 1RK apartment in Sai nagar, Bhayander East. This particular project was undertaken by our Interior Designer Mr. Amit Pawar.Again for this project gave us a tough time since the client wanted high design modern interior style but was quite strict with his budget.Also the building was very old.

Design Details of the Apartment

Firstly, 2D drawing are made for each room and wall, ceiling and design element. Once 2D drawings are approved, 3D drawings are made of the same. But before 3d drawings and after 2D drawings are made we send in an estimate to our clients mentioning all details for needed material.

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Let’s have a look at these drawings.

Living Room

This is a 3D drawing of Living room.
• Here we designed 2 seater sofa for client as per space availability. To give modern look, wallpaper was given for wall opposite TV unit.
• Also this wall was designated as picture wall.
• Very light color scheme used to make the room give a fresh feeling which also makes the room appear bigger.

1RK Interior Design Mumbai Bhayander
1RK Interior Design Mumbai Bhayander

• Initially the Bathroom and Toilet were two different . But we converted it into combined bathroom.
• Designer wall tiles were used on one of the wall to add drama to this room.
• The light color scheme gave a very modern look.
• All latest design-style bathroom faucets and fittings were given asper clients budget.
• A small storage space was designed below sink
• Wall mounted WC installed to save on floor space.


The kitchen was very small where client wanted ample of storage space. We therefore made following changes
• Shifted the counter top to window wall side.
• Provided storage space with cabinets on lofts, another layer of storage was created below lofts to place items that home maker will need on regular use and is which is easily reachable.
• We designed a concealed water storage tank here. By concealed I mean the tank was hidden by giving it cabinet doors so that its not visible. This make the kitchen appear neat and clean too.

1RK Interior Design Mumbai Bhayander
1RK Interior Design Mumbai Bhayander
Electrical point

These are electrical pints drawing to help electrician know what is needed where by just looking at. This drawing is approved and shared with contractors before eth work begins. Because for concealed wiring, the wall needs to be broken. And once wall finishing and painting work is over, the wall will not be disturbed for concealed wiring then.
This drawing mentioned where and what type of switches, plug points, etc. needs to be given and for what purpose.


You may wonder what is this. This is the estimate sheet given by Contractorbhai.com once 2D drawings are approved. It gives all the details for how is going to spend on what items and which rooms. It includes everything i..e the material cost, labor cost, etc

1RK Interior Design Mumbai Bhayander

Tips for all our home owners by Mr. Amit Pawar – Interior Designer

Concealed wiring is very a new trend for modern home interiors. Concealed wiring make you room/ interiors appear neater, clean and finished too.
• Have bigger tiles to make smaller rooms appear bigger be it kitchen or bathroom too.
• When you living in smaller space, m sure every inch counts. Make the most of the room by having furniture that play dual roles. By saying that I mean, trylooking for furniture that cab be used in many ways like sofa cum bed, folding table, etc.
• Choose light right color palatte for your interiors. For small apartments focus on having not more than two colors, lights color scheme but bright shades. You can have one darker accent to make the room visually appealing. But rich or darker shade all around will make your space appear smaller and compact.

About the Author:

Hi! This is Nitin, founder of ContractorBhai.com. We provide Affordable 3D Interior Design Service


  1. Juhi Vyas 28 January 2018 at 5:12 pm - Reply

    Hi I currently stay in a 210 sqft house with a family of 4. I wanted to know do u guys help rennovate for such small houses with a very low tight budget.

    • contractorbhai 29 January 2018 at 4:08 pm - Reply

      Hello Juhi madam, yes we have designed several homes in past, ranging 200-300 sq ft area, Please give us a call

  2. Gaurav Chauhan 27 February 2018 at 3:12 pm - Reply

    Hi I currently stay in a 210 sqft house with a family of 2. I wanted to know do u guys help rennovate for such small houses with a very low tight budget.

  3. paras haria 14 March 2018 at 5:04 pm - Reply


    I currently stay in a 1RK however I had recently made a small kitchen in a space in living room but have not made cabinets yet. Just wanted to know if you look after making of cabinets for kitchen also

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