• an outline to maintaining stone finish surface

An outline to Maintaining Stone Finish/Surface

In conversation with Stone Care Solution head..

What is this Stone Care solution all about?

At Stone Care Solution you have expert team providing superior quality Stone maintenance application like Sealers, enhancers, Stain removers and Epoxy bonding Agents. Our service includes a wide range i.e. application of Stain residents sealer, Backcoat Sealer, Floor sealer, and many more. Well basically we deal with all stone care related products for any kind or style of stone and area.

What is the process of maintaining stone look at feel at industry level?

Well with stones one needs to be very careful from tough chemical, etches in stone, avoid crack formation, etc. Usually at residential level, the stone surface is tend to develop stains easily due to heavy foot traffic and kitchen use.

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Well now home owners need not worry for all of this. We have products introduced to protect stone surface against such things. A sealer is applied to Marble stone (especially) surface. This sealant application is done along with Diamond polishing. The sealant here penetrates through marble for almost 4mm to 6mm of given stone. This is an water based product. We do wiping with the wiper (peelana) mixture that is made and applied on stone surface. After application the water gets evaporated and rest of the chemical particles of the mixture penetrates through marble surface.
Once the solution penetrates the marble surface completely, the stone will not accept any kind of solution spill over it ya applied over it. For e.g If you take a chalk and pour water over it, it will absorb water only to a certain extent. After some quantity, the chalk will not take in water. similarly is the case with marble surface.

This increases the durability and sheen of marble stone that also seals the surface. Here even if extra solution is applied or poured by mistake, it chemical will penetrate though surface and as I said earlier water will get evaporated.
Another product is post polishing product Topical Sealer. This is usually used once polishing job is completed for entire apartment/ site. This application is done after mirror polishing process is over.
So you have 3 main products that are further categorized i.e. Sealers, Enhancers and Restoration.


In Sealers you get 3 different types of solutions i.e. –
• Topical Sealer
• Penetrating Sealer and
• Impregnating Sealer

i. Topical Sealer – Topical sealer forms a plastic sheet like layer on stone after its application. They tend to wear out easily especially on high traffic areas of flooring be it anywhere residential, malls, offices, etc.

Topical Sealer is usually made from polyurethanes, acrylics or natural wax. And therefore they are not breathable i.e. they do not allow water vapor and other gases to escape and also are not effective against salt attacks.

ii. Penetrating Sealer – Penetrating sealers penetrate the surface of the stone enough to secure or lock the material to the stone surface. Well they last for longer period as compared to Topical sealers, but, but do wear quickly too. Unlike Topical sealers, Penetrating sealers are breathable but upto certain degree, yet they do not penetrate deeply enough (say 1mm – 2mm).

iii. Impregnating Sealers – Impregnating Sealers are kind of penetrating sealers that penetrate deep into the given stone, permeating it with molecules that bond to capillary pores. The sealant truly gets interlocked with stone surface making it hydrophobic. By hydrophobic here i mean the sealant will not absorb water, oil or any kind of liquid. Just like lotus effect, the whole of water bubbles are wiped out.


Enhancers can be used for all types of stones and has a good abrasion resistance. Our Stone Enhancer holds the first choice when it comes to polished, honed marbles, Pavers, Granites or any Sandstone.Whether used for interior stone surface or exteriors or for wall, enhancers add style to every stone surface in unique way. Different enhancer solution add style and value to stone surface in different ways.

Enhancers are available in powder form and you also get liquid based enhancers. Enhancers are a single component liquid based product used to have admirable wet look to sandstone, lime stone, granite anything. Enhancers are widely used for domestic , residential, commercial areas to have brilliant mirror finish of the stone.

These are like Topical sealers that form a thin film over stone surface which do not penetrate or get absorb. You also get enhancer + sealers for stone surface. This product acts as a sealer that also enhance the look of the stone. This product is completely different that standard enhancer, which gives a water repellent and oil repellent effect if the site is facing towards the sea side. This solution is used to overcome white patches problem espceially for lighter color marble stones.


Restoration can be done to any natural stone or artificial stone or say even engineered stones too.
With polishing, you can have and extremely tough, durable and highly polished surface. Polishing can be done to any floor area be it room flooring, walls, bathrooms, tables, stairs, outdoor tiles, etc.

If you come to us for polishing- repolishing, our expert team will firstly examine the condition of the stone to regulate the best polishing procedure to generate its original beauty.

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