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Luxurious Hotel Room in your very own Apartment

A guest room is the room you use for guests to stay while at your place. In modern world, your guests need to feel pampered and like home when at your place. It therefore becomes very essential to plan guest room with all possible amenities that you can provide.

We completed a project Kumbalgody, Bangalore where this was guests room and client wanted-

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guests to have a luxurious feel like that of 5-star hotel room.
To have AC ducts designed for small ceiling height room.
Accommodate every luxury product that a hotel room would have in given small space.

Action Taken:
Firstly since the ceiling height wasn’t much, and client wanted a centralized AC duct, we designed the same at entrance ceiling by lowering its height a feet.
Bathroom wall facing the room was designed to have huge clear glass. This gave depth to both bathroom as well as to the room. Blinds were installed on inside of bathroom for one to close when needed.
Mirror was installed on bed back wall above the headrest. This was done to create a sense of depth and add to design element of the room.

For modern luxurious feel, we used glasses and mirrors majorly. Like for TV back wall too, a black tinted glass was installed at a distance from back wall. The entire TV unit was installed don this tinted glass.
Glass shelves to stack items for guests.
Also a little refrigerator placed below this glass shelves for guests.
To complete the hotel room appearance and feeling, 2 sofa chairs with glass center table placed near window wall.

A complete luxurious hotel feel was designed for guests to feel more relaxed and charmed.

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