21. Brain Tricks in Interior Designing

This is Video 21 of 35-videos series on Interior Design

Quick Tips to make your Small spaces appear Bigger –

  • Paint your Walls & Flooring in light and bright shades. Light n bright colors reflects space. It thetefore makes small rooms appear bigger.
  • Try using flooring and adjacent items ( the lower design elements) in same colour or similar shade.
  • Use vetrical stripes forflooring to make your room look elongated.
  • Pull furniture away from wall by few inches. This creates illusion ofspace.
  • Unity rules. Have your room as well as furnishing of a particular room in 1colour.use different shades of 1 colour.
  • Try having similar if not same color curtains as wall color.This makes your room appear bigger.
  • Allow as much natural light i.e have big windows without any obstruction. Light opens up to interior space making it look bigger.
  • Having furnitue colour same as wall color expands room. If not same have similar color.
  • Have furniture with exposed legs i.e. For tv unit, sofa set, coffee table. This style of furniture makes your space appear open n bigger.
  • Mirrors reflect light n space. Strategically place them to create illision of space.
  • Hang Dramatic art piece for stead of usual photo gallery to add value to wall n make your space appear bigger.

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